Edmonton fencing

Improving Your Quality of Life One Fence Board at a Time

Whether it’s for a commercial or residential property, fences provide privacy and protection. They prevent unwanted animals and foot traffic, while simultaneously adding value to your property.

Many businesses and homeowners make the decision to invest in a fence because there is a need— whether it’s obstructing the view of nosy neighbours or identifying where one property begins and another ends, a fenced property is a practical asset that serves a purpose.

But at Isle Group, we believe that fences can be both pragmatic and presentable. That’s why we specialize in building exceptional fences in a range of styles and designs, each with its own unique benefits and appeal.

Benefits of Fencing

In addition to the previously mentioned privacy, protection, and added benefits of having fences built around your property, you can also enjoy the following:

  • Buffer against Edmonton’s extreme weather conditions: whether it is strong winds, hail, or snowstorms, strong, well-constructed fencing will act as an additional layer of protection for your delicate flower beds and landscaping. Your fencing can also prevent windborne objects from slamming into your windows, gazebos, and other yard structures
  • Additional greenery real estate: if you’re planning on expanding your garden, your fence can act as the perfect support for vines and climber plants such as honeysuckles, ivies, and sweet peas
  • Enclosed outdoor space: having a fenced backyard is ideal for the safety of kids needing to release some extra energy and for dogs to go leash-free

Our Edmonton Fences Are Built to Last 

Our Edmonton fence builders are committed to building fences that you can enjoy for decades to come. That is why we source the best fencing materials possible for our clients and provide designs to enhance the appeal of your backyard or side yard.

Your fencing should be an extension of your home; let us give it that extra detail.

Begin With Your Backyard Renovation With a Design Consultation With Us  

Our expert in-house designers will take your landscaping dreams and turn them into easy-to-follow and viable action plans. Whether you’re only looking to replace your fencing or have been toying around with getting new exterior lights installed, we can help! By starting your landscaping process with a design consultation, you can get all the what-ifs out of the way and begin your project with all the information you need.

Our staff will source all the materials required and provide you with quotes until we receive your go-ahead to start construction. We understand how much of a hassle it may be to go back and forth with landscaping features, so let us help take that stress out of the picture!

Watch from your back window as our expert team of landscaping professionals install your fencing and additional landscaping features from the ground up!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What side should my fence be on?

Before you start building, it is always easier to discuss the construction of the fence with your neighbour, they may share in the cost! If you are unsure about your property lines, hire an Alberta Land Surveyor, who will conduct a fence line survey.

What materials should I use for a long-lasting fence?

Edmonton suffers cold winters and very hot summers, and as such we understand that you want your fence to last these seasons. All of our options are high-quality choices, whether you choose pressure-treated cedar or a metal ornamental fence for your new fencing project. In Alberta, cedar fences prove the weakest due to the weather. Metal fencing, however, provides the best protection against Alberta’s climate. For more information on what is best for your yard, contact Isle Group today at (780) 951-2417.

How expensive is it to install new fencing?

The overall cost of a new fence purchase and installation changes drastically based on the type of fence, and installation service you choose. We work closely with each customer to provide first-class service with every installation. For a quote on your yard, contact Isle Group today at (780) 951-2417.

Why choose Isle Group?

We are the perfect one-stop shop for all of your landscaping needs. Our landscaping experts take your opinion seriously and your future landscaping plans into account when installing your fence. In doing this, we are able to prevent any positioning, styling, or materials that may not work well with other services you may wish to get in the future such as water features, decks or retaining walls. Our high-quality materials create the outdoor space of your dreams.

Can I build a fence without a permit?

Yes, Edmonton’s zoning laws do not require you to hold a permit depending on the height of the fence or gate. From ground level, residential fencing and gates can be up to 1.2 metres tall in front and flanking yards. In backyards and interior side yards, fencing and gates can be up to 1.85 metres high.