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Steps & Stepping Stones

If your yard is sloped, stepping stones are the perfect solution for increasing accessibility and elevating your space. Depending on your yard’s structure, your outdoor space may benefit from having steps installed on high trafficking areas, like beside deck spaces or near entrances. By including designated steps during your yard design consultation, you can make it easier for you and your company to move around on different ground levels. You can also avoid muddy shoes and trampled down grass, all while making your garden space sophisticated and clean.

At Isle Group, you will find a team that specializes in designing the most effective and beautiful stone steps, all around Edmonton and area. We offer stepping stones in a wide variety of materials, textures and looks, to create a space that meets all your wants and needs. When deciding how many steps to install in your yard, we take in consideration the slope of the outdoor area. The best way to find out how stepping stones will look in your property is to contact our landscaping and landscape design team in Edmonton, Alberta.

Steps and stairs are also great landscape additions. Not only do they add a sense of sophisticated beauty, but they also:

  • Open up previously inaccessible areas of your yard
  • Can easily be creatively built upon during major landscaping projects
  • Help prevent erosion and improve drainage after long periods of rain

Pathways & Paving Stones

Landscaping pathways are the best solution for adding convenience and accessibility to both your outdoor and indoor space. Paving stones allow you to section off your garden while adding an aesthetic and pleasing element to your whole landscape.

Pathways, just like patios and decks, come in many different forms, sizes and looks. If you like simplicity, you can pick from a straightforward concrete sidewalk that goes from point A to point B. If your goal is beautifying your yard, paving stones are the perfect choice! Landscaping pathways can vary from simple to extravagant, depending on your desire. So whether you like straight lines and well defined edges, or you prefer a more natural rock feel, Isle Group is here to help you through the design process. Landscaping steps and pathways are the perfect solution for increasing usability and enjoyment of your Edmonton outdoor space.

Steps & pathways in Edmonton backyard

Frequently Asked Questions

Are stepping stones a good choice for paths in my yard?

Stepping stones are a fun way to create the discrete, less formal path compared to a full concrete pathway. In addition to that, they are less expensive to construct than continuous paved concrete pathways.

Do you offer custom designs on pathways?

Yes we do, we can custom format your paving stones to suit your landscape and home. We offer a huge array of colours, rock, concrete, brick, and other stepping stone products and we are confident that our Edmonton landscaping experts can turn your favourite yard or landscape into a beautiful sight with unique, paving stone pathways.

Are paving stones expensive to maintain?

No, these pathways are more resistant to cracking than asphalt or poured concrete. These pieces have room to expand and contract(depending on the weather) in a way concrete cannot. Furthermore, they are easy and inexpensive to replace.