There’s no doubt that an all-natural, bright and vibrant lawn is idyllic. After all, man-made options rarely live up to the wild wonders mother nature creates.But in many cases, a natural lawn demands a ton of upkeep, especially if you want it to remain lush and lively.

Thus, business owners, home owners, municipalities and other are turning to artificial turf in hopes of finding a more long-lasting, durable solution for their outdoor spaces.

To help our clients make a more informed decision about the type of turf that is ideal for their unique needs, we’ve created the chart below:


  • Traps carbon monoxide and produces oxygen, which benefits the environment.
  • Uses water to create a natural cooling effect so that your lawn remains mitigated (cool) even during hot weather.
  • Naturally filters water and aids in flood control.
  • Has naturally-occurring microorganisms that break down leaves, animal droppings, spilled food, etc.
  • Significantly cheaper to remove than artificial turf.
  • Maintenance (including mowing, seeding, fertilizing, etc.) can be quite expensive over time. ($850.00 annually, on average.)
  • Frequent water usage is required to keep grass lush and vibrant.
  • In environments where weather changes are frequent, the appearance of the grass can change depending on the season.
  • Prone to disruption from weeds and pests.
  • Can cause allergies.
  • Eliminates the need for harmful pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Does not absorb water, causing the turf to become hot to the touch during warmer weather.
  • While initial investment can be costly (depending on the size of your outdoor area), long-term maintenance costs are considerably lower than natural grass. (Annual maintenance costs are essentially nil, with the exception of repairs if damage occurs.)
  • The average lifespan of synthetic turf is 10-15 years.
  • Weed and pest resistant.
  • Requires a heavier up-frost cost.
  • Does not naturally absorb water, can lead to flooding if large amounts of water are present.
  • Can contribute to the urban heat island effect.
  • Damages to synthetic turf can be costly to repair.
  • Non-allergenic.
  • Emits a rubber smell in high temperatures.




At Isle Group, our team of seasoned turf specialists are trained and equipped to handle every stage of the installation process with precision, skillfulness, and professionalism.


When approaching your project, you can be assured that our installers will meticulously assess your landscape and ensure every last detail is accounted for.


We understand that our clients expect excellency, which is why we’ve developed our installation process to be a thorough and as scrupulous as possible.





During the design phase, our artificial turf specialists will come to you and assess your outdoor area.


During this phase, our team will be asking the following questions:


  • Are there any rocks or other elements that will need to be removed before the installation process begins? 
  • How big is the space and how much turf will be required? 
  • Are there any potential risks? For example, does the family own a large dog that could dig up the artificial turf? Is the area prone to rodents? If so, there are additional measures that can be taken to secure your turf. 
  • Are there any systems or underground lines that will need to be avoided or protected during installation? 
  • Does the area require leveling or sloping required to ensure that proper drainage will be possible after installation?





This is when our team of experts truly get down to business. They’ll be getting their hands dirty, ensuring your turf is laid with precision and care.


Some of the tasks our Edmonton turf installers complete during this phase include:


  • Removing any undesirable rock, vegetation, or roots from the project site. 
  • Placing and spreading the base layer, according to industry best practices.
  • Installing polyboard or rodent wire, if required. 
  • Laying the synthetic grass, ensuring all rolls are installed properly, in the same direction. 
  • Aligning stitches and ensuring seams aren’t visible. 
  • Testing irrigation.




When grass grows naturally, it begins as a seed immersed in soil, and grows upward, supported by it’s dirt foundation. With artificial grass, however, this isn’t the case. Instead, sand or soil must be laid on top of artificial grass to keep it upright and healthy-looking. Otherwise, your artificial turf will begin to lay flat and lose its verticality.


At Isle Group, we are experts at laying infill and ensuring that our artificial grass systems are hearty and resilient.


Some of the steps involved in our infill process include:


  • Ensuring that your artificial has dried adequately before laying infill, since wet grass can result in clustering and lumps. 
  • Dispensing your infill using industry best practices and ensuring optimum distribution. 
  • Brushing your artificial grass fibers to give it a luxurious, feathery appearance.




After we’ve completed your installation, we make every effort to restore your outdoor space to its original condition— free of dust, dirt, and debris.


We want our clients to be able to enjoy their new surface immediately, and conducting a thorough clean-up is an integral part of making that possible.

Thus, our job doesn’t end until your space is properly decluttered and prepared for use.


Our clean up process includes:


  • Sweeping away all excess infill material 
  • Tidying planter areas, pathways, etc. 
  • Removing all tools, extra materials, etc. 
  • Rinsing away any excess dust or dirt, if required. 
  • Confirming you are satisfied with your final results. 




Whether you are a city dweller looking to add a small patch of artificial turf to your urban rooftop, or you’re a developer looking for the ideal turf solution for a playground in your new neighbourhood, our team at Isle Group can assist you.


We’ve established a reputation with our past and existing clients for providing top-notch artificial turf solutions at a respectable price. Plus, we pride ourselves on our commitment to offering friendly and attentive customer service at all times.


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