When it comes to outdoor structures, there are two structures that can easily compete with each other. These two structures are the decks and patios. To help you decide, here are the pros and cons for these two structures:


A deck is an outdoor structure that is an open platform or porch without a roof. It usually extends from your house.

Pros of A Deck


1. Higher value

On average, when you’re planning to sell your home, a deck has an 87% return on your investment. People give it a higher value than other landscape designs.

2. Works better on an uneven terrain

Even if you have a rough terrain on your land, a deck can be easily installed by landscaper companies.

3. Good for looking at a view.

You can build a deck off the ground, thus, giving you a better view of your surroundings. Again, if you’re looking to sell, that would increase your home’s value.

4. Can be easily customized

Decks can be painted or stained in any color by landscaper companies. If you want to, you can even have it match your landscape design.

5. Comfortable in warm weather.

If you’re living in an area where the climate is warmer, decks installation are great for you. Wooden decks can easily absorb heat, which makes them even more ideal.

Cons of A Deck

1. Needs more maintenance.

The maintenance would depend on the materials used on your landscape designs. Decks should be washed, stained, and sealed from time to time.

2. Short Lifespan

Most decks are made by landscaper companies with wood. For this reason, most decks have a short lifespan. Wood fades and becomes discolored over time.

3. Needs a permit

There are cities and towns that don’t allow you to build a deck without a permit. This is why, before you get a landscaper company to build one, check whether you’d need a permit.

4. Expensive

Depending on the materials that your landscaper companies use, decks can be expensive. The average cost of a deck is around $30 per square feet.

5. Restricted weight

When you’re going to design a deck, you should take into consideration the weight. The weight that the structure is able to handle highly depends on the materials u

sed and the design.


A patio is a structure that are built on the ground. It is either attached or detached from your house.

Pros Of A Patio



1. Cheaper

Compared to other outdoor structures, patios are cheaper. Patios usually cost $5 per square feet.

2.Easier to maintain

Patios don’t need as much repair as the other structures. Why? Well, most landscaper companies makes patios from concrete, making them much easier to maintain.


With different landscape designs, patios give you more privacy. Plus, since it’s on lower ground, people can’t easily take a peek at you, especially if you have gates.

4.Long lifespan

Most patios can last for at least 10 years and keep its value without a lot of maintenance.

5.Doesn’t need a permit

Most towns and cities will not require you to get a permit before building a patio.

Cons Of A Patio

1.  Not meant for an uneven terrain

Patios are not meant for uneven terrain. If you’re going to get a landscaper company to build one on an uneven terrain, a level foundation is needed as well.

2. Prone to getting cracks

When the soil where you built your patio is prepared well, cracking could eventually occur.

3. Accident prone

In most cases, the surface of the patio can be slippery, especially during rainy and cold seasons.

4. Can easily get dirty

When a patio gets stained, it can be difficult to clean it up. The stain will usually stick to its surface.

5. Needs more time to construct

Compared to other structures, you’d need more time building patios. It would be more difficult if the area has more ground movement and needs more reinforcement.

If you want to have an outdoor structure installed on your house, take these things into consideration.