All About Retaining Walls


A retaining wall is a necessity in some yards. Basically, these structures are designed to keep soil and rocks where they are supposed to be so that they don’t come sliding down to damage the rest of your property.

A retaining wall can be constructed in a variety of ways. Some of the most common varieties include cantilever walls, gravity walls and anchored walls. Depending upon conditions in your yard, any of these might be appropriate.

These walls typically are placed on a slope that angles toward your home. This keeps debris from becoming a nuisance at all times, but a retaining wall is particularly helpful in a heavy rainfall as it prevents runoff from carrying away soil and causing a muddy mess on your property.

If you’re concerned that your yard might need this kind of feature, there’s no reason to worry. A retaining wall can be a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing addition to any landscape. That is especially true when they are designed and installed by a landscape contractor.

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